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Our Childcare Services:

We offer childcare services for ages from infants through age 12. For more information, please review our Parent Handbook.

Infants (1-12 months)

Our infant room is designed to provide a secure, loving environment for your baby. Our Infant Awareness Program is an age appropriate curriculum designed for each stage of your child’s development.

Our infant teachers work with each infant individually using a pre-developed plan of exercises and games to stimulate your child’s positive self image as well as their developing muscles.

Each child’s individual sleeping and feeding schedule is respected.  Our teachers keep detailed records of your child’s daily events.  Such as:  sleeping, eating, diapering, etc.  These reports are passed on to the parent in the form of a Day Sheet.
  • Infants are changed each hour, or more often if needed
  • Supplies needed: diapers, extra clothes, formula/breastmilk and baby foods
  • They enjoy a peaceful, warm and clean atmosphere

Toddlers (12-36 months)

One's Class
In this classroom, children are introduced to creativity through many mediums, such as:  play-dough, shaving cream, paint, crayons, Gak, etc. Our one's teachers lovingly teach the children how to use these objects as well as the words to use when asking for them.  We have daily circle time for our one-year-olds.  This consists of songs, finger-plays, puppets, stories, flash cards, and socialization.

Our toddler rooms are set up to provide an opportunity to choose from several "learning centers" which provide many experiences from building with blocks to painting an Easter egg.  These children are learning about the environment and spend time outside as well as inside.  Diapers are changed every 1 1/2 hours, unless needed more often.

Two's Class
These children are ready to take on the world and we are here to help!  Our two's class has a weekly theme and the "learning centers," circle time and stories are set up to reflect this theme.  Centers include various toys and projects designed to use all their developing skills.  Craft projects, games and manipulative are introduced daily.

Our two's teachers work individually with each family to provide a positive potty training experience for the child.  We use a reward system along with peer support to help each child along.

Preschool (3-5 years)

Preschool Classes
Our center has preschool classes available to children ages 3-5 years.  Children learn in a small classroom environment with their own age group. They sing songs, learn about other cultures, create art projects, conduct science experiments, go on field trips, and most of all: HAVE FUN!

3-year-olds learn to follow directions and the social skills needed to be open to learning, such as listening and communicating.  Concepts are an important part of this class, such as over/under, loud/soft, in/off, etc.

4-year-olds are introduced to the alphabet and numbers. They learn simple addition and letter sounds.  They also learn more advanced concepts such as weather, community, safety, our health, etc.

5-year-olds are beginning readers, learning to put sounds together and letter recognition.  Math skills are more advanced, with beginning addition and subtraction.  Science is an important part of our curriculum, with cause and effect being exciting lessons. Some extra supplies are needed.

Our 3-5’s also play in pre-designed "learning centers." Here they read, socialize, create, sing, build, and pretend. We watch proudly as these children evolve from the parallel play that occurs during the toddler years to a more sophisticated socialization that involves making friends and learning to communicate.

School Age Children

TC Kid's Club provides a separate environment for school age children.  Children ages 5-12 years are guided through a time of intensive curiosity and socialization by staff trained to assist them, while allowing them to be themselves.

During the school year, children are transported (if needed) to and from all schools in Clarkston and Asotin. A release must be signed by the parent and kept in the child’s file for us to be able to provide transportation.

A curriculum has been developed that allows the children to choose activities. Many choices offered are: arts and crafts, science experiments, building areas, outdoor sports, games, reading and quiet areas to finish homework or other projects as well as areas to socialize with their friends.

During the summer the children attend a day camp program. Mornings are spent at the park doing activities such as: group games, art projects, science experiments, plays, etc.

In the afternoon the group goes on a field trip to many fun and exciting activities. Some of these include: swimming, bowling, miniature golf, skating, movies, and visiting local points of interest that will increase their knowledge of our area.

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